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14 August 2013

Hey! Welcome to Zapp!

Like you, we are all busy professionals. Some of us were career professionals, some of us were entrepreneurs. Also like you, we felt a great amount of pressure to keep up and maintain brand presence in a constantly evolving digital marketing arena.

On the one hand, we wanted to focus on the business of doing business, not learning the latest social media marketing platform. But on the other hand, our competitors and peers were out there, with marketing presence. Failure to keep up can mean failure to survive in this new age of instant gratification/instant communication and most important of all, instant customer engagement.

In trying to establish our own “best practices” for how to fit this new marketing into our daily mix, we knew we had to manage our time and messages or we’d never get anything done. Whether it was a professional presence and relevant group engagement on LinkedIn, or sharing photos of our baked goods hitting the bakery shelves on Facebook (then tweeting about them on Twitter!), and emailing the menu out to our customers, we were multitasking and documenting our multitasking simultaneously. Exhausting! And not always effective.

So, we put our heads together to figure out how to make the digital marketing part of doing business smarter & more streamlined while maximizing effectiveness, staying current and responsive about anything being said about our brand online (good, bad, ugly or simply inquisitive!), and make it work for us. Oh, yes, and we wanted to know if our time was paying off, so we wanted to measure ROI (Return on Investment). And we wanted to know if the time of day we were sending out our messages was optimal, so we wanted to measure that. And hundreds of other things, so we created a massive reporting system. And it had to streamline all of these efforts into one single login with a dashboard showing all of our accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, email, SMS, and every other “must have” social media platform that was important for us to use. Oh, and one more thing. We wanted to be able to sit down and get our messages written, and then schedule them to go out on the days and times we wanted, without having to go back and log in again or worry about it.

Seems like we need a genie. Or a wizard. Or a superhero. So we created one. Zapp! does all of that and more. We made it for us, but so many of you have asked for it, that we modified it to be shared. At a price point and with options for just about every budget. We have self-managed plans starting at $39.95, and fully managed plans including blog posts and consultant sessions starting at only $459/mo.

Zapp! offers you the opportunity to engage with the world through social media platforms, email, and SMS with the click of a button. Our platform targets your audience with pinpoint geo-targeting accuracy. Zapp! is the best and most user-friendly platform to manage your social media, email and mobile campaigns from a single location.

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