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20 August 2013

Super Heroes are not built overnight. Listen to the Zapp!ster and you cannot go wrong…

This is how we Zapp!

How much time would you save by being able to log in to one control panel to manage all of your social media accounts and interactions? We’re betting that’d be a lot! Share across your accounts from one central place. This saves you time and gives you the opportunity to do more social media marketing across many great platforms.

Want to schedule tweets and Facebook status updates to coincide with press releases? Or to ensure that a vacation or long meeting doesn’t make your social media accounts look abandoned? Zapp! Offers scheduling with an easy-to-use interface editorial calendar to help you keep on top of everything. It really can help you get as close as possible to putting your social marketing efforts on autopilot, when necessary.

Managing your online reputation is a vitally important part of social media management. If you don’t know what’s being said about you, you can’t use it as a learning experience to fix something that’s broken or to take it as an opportunity to share that you’re getting a proverbial pat on the back. Zapp! Helps you monitor key phrases and your online reputation so that you can act fast. Don’t miss out on opportunities to engage with your customers online. Have you ever stumbled onto a message a follower or ‘friend’ sent that you didn’t see? Zapp! Includes an inbox that will grab everything for you so that you don’t miss questions, direct messages, or other communications.

There’s a major CRM element to social media. Many business owners don’t know how to turn social interactions into lead generation opportunities without coming across as spammy. Zapp! helps! Leverage Zapp! to gather vital business intelligence about your followers and use it in your engagement strategy. You can even integrate Zapp!’s CRM function with an email marketing and /or SMS strategy to send texts to subscribers when there are great deals that you want to share. Zapp! makes email marketing much easier, too, with valuable analytics to help you continually fine-tune your direct marketing strategy.

Save time checking all your favorite sources for info that helps you keep up on your industry, your competitors, and so on. Feed content based on specific search queries and chosen RSS feeds into your Zapp! account to save time and effort on content curating activities and market research.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (Sounds like an infomercial, but it’s true…there really is more!)
The above list of features of Zapp! just skims the surface. We know you’ll be impressed with all the features and benefits it offers. It helps businesses and team members use social media and other online marketing methods so much more effectively. Sound too good to be true? Try it out and see! Sign up here for a risk-free test drive today. Cancel within 7 days for a full refund. Yeah, we’re THAT sure you’ll love it.

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