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Entrepreneurs’ Social Media Struggles Spark Launch of New Digital Marketing Platform

03 October 2013

Zapp! Digital Marketing Platform launches with self managed or managed plans for businesses of all sizes. Social media, email, and SMS marketing made easy with a single sign-on dashboard.

While trying to run a small business, co-founder of Zapp! Media Group, Scott Bowen, realized that keeping up with a number of ever-evolving digital media platforms, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, staying on top of (and responsive to) customers’ comments all over the web, and engaging with customers in a meaningful way was fast becoming a full time job. Bowen discussed his challenges with several other entrepreneurs who all had similar challenges. With the combined brain power and experience of several entrepreneurs with experience running a business and navigating digital marketing complexities, the Zapp! platform for digital marketing success was born.

The Zapp! digital marketing dashboard offers a variety of social marketing management plans as well as consulting and managed services. Their intuitive platform is designed to make social media, email campaigns, and SMS easier and more effective for businesses of every size.

The Birth of Zapp! – a single sign-on dashboard built for digital marketing success.

“It’s a busy and exciting time launching our platform and seeing how it’s helping businesses thrive with digital marketing,” said Mr. Bowen, “We know, first hand, how much potential social media and email marketing offers to companies in terms of helping them find new customers, helping them connect repeatedly with those customers and prospects, and in helping them manage their online reputation. Zapp’s elegant, simple, and effective dashboard for email, SMS, social media management, and analytics is something we’re very proud of. It saves time and drives results.”

Co-founder Jonathan Davy weighed in, “The Zapp! digital marketing platform doesn’t just help you push updates out from a single location, which is time-saving in itself; Zapp! also helps you measure your social media actions so that you can pinpoint strategies that are bringing you results as well as uncover opportunities for improvement. This platform offers a variety of options that can help businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing. We even offer custom animated Explainer Videos, which helps companies explain their value proposition to prospects in a digital format that’s shareable through social media. We’ve tested it out and it has done a fantastic job of driving prospects to your landing pages where you can convert them into hot leads.” (See examples of Zapp! explainer videos at

Bowen says, “We’re eager to show businesses and entrepreneurs how Zapp! plans can transform their ability to succeed with digital marketing without compromising their ability to continue to run their business.”
Those who sign up for a social media management plan with Zapp! can use it absolutely free (and hassle-free with no credit card required for registration) for 30 days.

Learn more about Zapp! Media Group, their self-managed, and fully managed digital marketing plans, the easy to use all in one marking dashboard, at

About Zapp! Media Group:
Zapp! was founded in 2013. The company’s aim is for their digital marketing platform to help businesses of all sizes get better results out of social media, email marketing and SMS along with other digital marketing strategies all from a single sign-on dashboard.

Contact Details:
Zapp! Media Group, LLC
1939 High House Road #198 Cary, NC 27519
+1 (877) 404-1989

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