Our Super Heros

Being able to sign in and do what I need to do in 1 place is just amazing! I really like having the ability to monitor my business’ social media using the Zapp! services because of the convenience, timesavings and allowing me to get other things done. I highly recommend this service to businesses and even individuals that have multiple network accounts.

Kevin Davy

Staying in touch with my customers and responsive to their questions used to require vigilant monitoring on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I would log in and out of each throughout the day, making sure no customer query went unanswered. What a distraction! I also paid $100 monthly just for my email campaign platform. With Zapp! I have 1 sign-in showing me everything. I’m notified when my brand is mentioned, I get reports so I know what’s working and what isn’t, and I can schedule all my posts in advance. Now I can focus on the business of running my business! I’m thinking about upgrading to a managed plan so I can get the Blog service (and finally get that off my plate, also).

Lori Klein
RightTime KiDS

Using this service in my business has truly made my work easier. I wish I had this from the start as my business would have increased significantly. Anyone having even 1 social media account should consider this service because of the great consolidation features alone.

Robert Mellon
We Do Mail

We are happy to have Zapp manage our social media and our online reputation. We save more time and money by knowing we are in such good hands. We also hired Zapp to create our explainer video at Advanced Technology Solutions and saw our SEO go through the roof! We have had more compliments on our video than we ever expected. Zapp is the Super Hero in my book!

Rod Propes
Advanced Technology Solutions

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