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Why should you use Zapp?

Your business is to run your business. Sometimes, keeping up with the ever-changing social media and marketing tools needed to keep your business competitive and your customers engaged feels like a whole new business. And it is. Social media has changed the way businesses do marketing, and the way customers interact with, and learn about businesses. The good news is that you don’t need to become a social media marketing expert to stay competitive. But you do need to be smart about finding a way to stay current. Businesses of all sizes and types are leveraging the power of social media to help them find new customers and retain (plus continually engage) existing customers.

How Zapp! Helps Businesses Get More out of Social Media

There are some major problems with managing social media today, including:

Ways that Zapp! can help your business:


You’re busy. Time is money! There’s never enough time in the day!

So, with all the social media platforms out there, where do you spend your efforts for the best ROI? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, somewhere else? It’s not easy to manage multiple social media accounts. Who has time for that?

Zapp! centralizes this into an easy to use and intuitive platform that saves you time and effort and helps you maximize the time you do spend on social media marketing.


It’s not easy to manage social marketing when you also have a business to run. Using Zapp! helps you maximize output while minimizing effort with great features including helping you schedule your social marketing strategy in advance.


Do you know which sites are bringing you the best results? Are you afraid your efforts are being wasted? Do you have a solid understanding of the types of messaging strategies that get the best results from your target customer? Analytics are a big piece of the social media puzzle. Without them, you could be spending time on things that aren’t helping you. You could also be missing out on great opportunities that you could use to your advantage.

Our tool helps you measure a number of variables to help you capitalize on what’s working and continually tweak your strategy based on real information that can help you continually boost your engagement and conversion rates.


Engagement equals viral potential and success with social media. Are your social media strategies really engaging your customers? Zapp! offers excellent features and benefits that can help in this area.


Social media can make and it can break your online reputation. Zapp! includes tools that can help you monitor your online reputation and manage your branding strategy, too. This can help you get right on any problems before they snowball into a reputation nightmare and can help you see where people are saying great things about you, too.

Gathering Business Intelligence:

A big part of your social media strategy should be to be a source of great information for customers and target customers. Zapp! helps you centralize these efforts, giving you ready access to useful information that you can share with your customers and prospects —- enabling you to strengthen your relationship with them.

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